Protect Your Position: A Tool to Help You Put on the Armor of God

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Did you know that the armor of God is like a support system for a renewed mind? This booklet weaves powerful statements, relevant verses, and intimate prayers to equip born-again believers to stand in the palm of His hand. As the fight for our faith and familiarity with God rages on, both within and without, we can hold firm to His peace when we make a habit of reaching for it. This guide was written to serve as a handy tool to effectively dress your mind and spirit daily. Use it to reinforce eternal truths that quiet fear and anxiety, guiding you to the refuge provided by our Lord. 

Included in this booklet:
  • Explanation on how the armor of God is a mindset
  • Quick reminders about spiritual warfare
  • Tips for applying the armor
  • Powerful statements about each piece of armor - written to be potent and effective
  • Intimate prayer starters that invite blessed assurance from His Spirit
  • Relevant bibles verses to dress your mind and your spirit in God's armor using God's word. Relevant scriptures are provided in both ESV, said to be one of the most accurate translations available, and also in one other carefully selected translation for comparison. One by one, each verse was examined amongst over 60 English translations available on to find a version that might help to effectively deliver the message to the modern believer.


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